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University Final Project

Invisimag is a project created and produced by Taryn Elizabeth Photography for her final major project in her final year of University. It is an ongoing project dedicating its time to sensitive social issues to promote awareness and normality. All photography is taken by Taryn herself, with the help of collaborations with other creatives (all credited  by their work).


Everyday people think they are alone and have no help and support. I wanted to change this. 
I came up with the name InVisiMag by originally called it (In)Visible Magazine. This was meant to show that whether your problem was visible or invisible, it was equally valid and important.
My first issue is on a topic which is very close to my heart, anxiety and depression. As I have suffered with both, it felt necessary to show other people that it is normal. I am showcasing other people stories in the hopes that it will help someone feel less alone, more seen and know that someone else has been through what they are going through too.

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